Freejump is initiating a proactive, voluntary recall of some Freejump airvests keyball leashes.

How to find out if the keyball leash of your airvest is included in this recall ?

  • Check out the serial number of your Freejump airvest (number located on the last label inside the right hand
    side pocket next to the gas generator) Impacted serial numbers start from 00001 through 01148.
  • If you are concerned : please contact us at [email protected] to get a free upgraded
    keyball leash (If your airvest serial number is concerned and if you have not yet received an upgraded keyball
    leash) Please note that this upgrade is concerning only a limited numbers of Freejump airvests keyball leashes,
    the majority of the Freejump airvests keyball leashes are not concerned by this upgrade.

Freejump is taking your safety very seriously.

Thank you for your continuous trust in our products, we are looking forward to continuing offering you the most
comfortable and safest equestrian airvests.