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Freejump System makes every effort to protect the personal information of users of the site, in accordance with European and French regulations.


This Cookie Management Policy is intended to inform users of our website about the conditions and purposes for using cookies that may be present on


This Cookie Management Policy complements our Privacy Policy and our Legal Notice available at the bottom of the site, which any user of accepts and acknowledges having to respect.


When you use our website, information about your browsing may be stored in cookie files. For some cookies, your consent is required and may be modified. For this purpose, we provide you with the associated terms in point 3 below.



  1. What is a cookie?


A cookie is a text file placed on your terminal (computer and/or mobile device, etc.) through your Internet browser when you visit a website.



  1. What do we do with cookies?


When you browse our website, we may install various cookies on your device for different durations, which are either strictly technical and necessary for proper functioning of the site, or associated with making your user experience friendly and fluid, or for marketing purposes. In addition, some cookies are installed by third-party services that appear on the pages of our website (social networks, etc.).


Below we provide you with a module for managing the cookies used by our site in point 3.



  1. What cookies do we use, for how long and how do we manage your consent?


We use technical cookies on your device, which are strictly necessary for operation of the site. For the other types of cookies that we may use, you can manage your consent for these uses.

The user always has the right to modify or withdraw his consent via the cookie consent manager below:


Open Consent Manager


You can also manage your consent to cookies via your web browser

You can decide at any time to change your preferences regarding cookies by configuring your browser or your terminal or the service, using the available information:

For Internet Explorer™:

For Safari™:

For Chrome™:

For Firefox™:

For more information, you may also visit the CNIL website:


  1. For cookies relative to social networks 


Our website has buttons and/or content with links to third-party services (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, etc.).


When you are a user of these services, third-party cookies are directly installed by the third-party services.


You have the option of managing your consent for the use of cookies, via the consent manager available above.


We remind you that third-party services are independent of us and our site. The use of third-party services from our website is subject to their own terms (e.g. contractual conditions, privacy policy of said third-party service, etc.). We ask that you consult their terms and conditions, and we refer you to them regarding any requests as this does not fall within the scope of our commitments or responsibilities.


Our liability cannot be sought or retained because of or due to content accessible via these third-party services, their offers, their information viewed or the transactions carried out via these third-party services. We do not offer any guarantee concerning compliance by third-party services with regulations, for which they are the only guarantors.



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